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What is brain fog?

Brain fog is a term used to describe feelings of mental fatigue, confusion, and impaired cognitive function. Many people experience episodes of brain fog from time to time, but some people deal with more persistent symptoms. There are a number of potential causes of brain fog to be aware of.

Some common causes of brain fog include:

Additional root causes tied to brain fog include food sensitivities/allergies, inflammation, certain vitamin or nutrient deficiencies, aging, illnesses like depression, and mild traumatic brain injuries from concussions.

Symptoms associated with brain fog include:

If you regularly battle brain fog, it impacts quality of life and work performance. Seek medical advice to identify root causes and customized treatment. Lifestyle measures like getting adequate sleep, reducing stress, exercising, staying hydrated, and eating a clean, nutritious diet often help alleviate brain fog as well. Identify and properly manage causes unique to you through a holistic health approach for sharper cognition and clearer thinking.

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