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What is decreased muscle mass?

Decreased muscle mass, known medically as sarcopenia, is a common condition characterized by loss of skeletal muscle tissue, leading to reduced strength, mobility, and quality of life. As we age, most adults lose approx. 3-8% of muscle mass per decade after age 30. This can eventually progress into severe muscle atrophy if left unchecked.

Some key signs of decreased muscle mass include:

Fortunately, sarcopenia can be slowed, stopped, or even reversed through proper nutrition and strength training. Experts recommend "progressive resistance training" 2-3x per week along with increased protein intake to rebuild muscle. Even into old age, studies show it's never too late to gain back lost muscle through simple lifestyle interventions.

"Patients ask me all the time - can I rebuild the muscle I've already lost? Absolutely! With today's modern therapies, significant muscle recovery at any age is achievable" ~ Dr. Smith, Vitality Hormone Clinic

In some cases, underlying health issues like low testosterone or hormone imbalance may contribute to accelerated muscle loss. This is where clinics like Vitality Hormone Clinic( can help - through precise lab testing and scientifically-validated hormone replacement protocols tailored to your unique needs.

At Vitality Hormone Clinic, our goal is to help patients not just rebuild lost muscle, but optimize strength, mobility and vitality at any age through integrated care plans customized around your health and wellness goals. We partner with every patient to develop targeted nutrition, fitness and hormone modulation strategies aimed at delivering maximum results.

So in summary - decreased muscle mass, while often expected with aging, can now be halted or reversed through proper lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and in some cases, hormone therapy. Don't just accept muscle loss as inevitable - take control today with help from experts like Vitality Hormone Clinic!

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