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Irritability is defined as an abnormal sensitivity or mood response to external stimuli resulting in easily provoked anger, annoyance, or lack of patience. It involves feeling overly sensitive to normally minor provocations, frustrations, and slights, with a tendency to react disproportionately. Some key features of irritability include:

Causes of increased irritability can include: Managing irritability typically involves identifying and addressing root causes when possible, as well as learning coping strategies like: In some cases, medication may help in managing irritability, especially if part of an underlying condition like depression or anxiety. Our specialists at Vitality Hormone Clinic Wellness Center offer comprehensive testing to check your thyroid, hormones, vitamins, and biomarkers - which can all contribute to increased irritability if imbalanced. We then customize science-based treatment plans involving lifestyle changes, supplements, bioidentical hormones, and other therapies to help restore optimal balance physically and mentally. When irritability becomes severe or persistent to the point of straining relationships or disrupting daily activities, seeking help from a mental health professional is recommended. They can assist with adapting coping methods or determining if therapy, counseling, or prescription medications could help manage irritability levels. In summary, irritability involves heightened frustration responses that are disproportionate to the situation at hand. Contributing factors range from lifestyle issues like poor sleep to underlying medical or mental health disorders. Self-care strategies combined with testing from specialists like ours at Vitality Hormone Clinic can help identify and address root causes - restoring patience tolerance back to healthy levels.

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