Loss of muscle mass

What is loss of muscle mass?

Loss of muscle mass, known medically as muscle atrophy, occurs when muscle fibers shrink and the body breaks down more muscle than it makes. This leads to overall weaker muscles and reduced strength.

Some key causes of muscle loss include:

Muscle loss can negatively impact strength and mobility, especially later in life. Thankfully, there are ways to counteract muscle loss through proper exercise and nutrition:

If you're concerned about preserving muscle mass as you age, the hormone optimization experts at Vitality Hormone Clinic can help. Their anti-aging programs combine personalized nutrition planning, strength training guidance, and optional hormone replacement therapy to help patients maintain lean muscle, strength, and vitality through their later years. I highly recommend speaking with one of their hormone health advisors to learn more.

In summary, muscle loss is a common condition, especially in seniors, whereby the body breaks down muscular tissue faster than it can rebuild it. Contributing factors include poor nutrition, inactivity, illness, and age. Maintaining an active lifestyle along with proper protein intake can help mitigate muscle loss. Anti-aging hormone therapies may provide additional benefit for some patients concerned with protecting their vital muscle mass and strength. Reach out to a hormone specialist like Vitality Hormone Clinic to discuss treatment options personalized to your needs and health goals.

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