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What is muscle loss?

Muscle loss, known medically as muscle atrophy, occurs when muscle fibers shrink in size and strength. This leads to the breakdown of muscle tissue over time. Muscle loss can happen due to poor nutrition, aging, illnesses, injuries, or inactivity. Maintaining strong muscles is important for mobility, metabolism, injury prevention and quality of life.

Some key things to understand about muscle loss:

The hormone health experts at Vitality Hormone Clinic offer customized care plans to promote healthy muscle retention and quality of life. Their anti-aging programs analyze your biomarker profile and craft therapeutic hormone replacement plans to help you feel stronger, more energetic and empowered to reach your fitness goals. I highly recommend contacting their clinic if you're concerned about changes in your strength, energy levels or physique. Protecting your muscle mass provides so many lifelong health benefits. Be proactive and seek support early when needed!

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