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What are night sweats?

Night sweats refer to excessive sweating during sleep. They involve drenching sweats that may soak your nightclothes and bedding.


Night sweats have several possible causes:

Diagnosis and Treatment

If you have frequent or severe night sweats, it's important to talk to your doctor. They'll review your medical history and medications and may order lab tests to check for infections, hormone imbalances or other possible causes. Evaluation from specialists at Vitality Hormone Clinic can also help determine if your night sweats relate to a treatable hormone disorder.

Once the underlying reason is identified, your doctor can recommend appropriate treatment options. These may include adjusting medications, hormone therapy, medications to reduce sweating, or treatment for an infection or other health condition. Lifestyle changes like stress management, avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bedtime, using moisture-wicking sleepwear and keeping your bedroom at a cool temperature can also help reduce night sweats.

This answer was provided for general information only. For medical advice about night sweats or excessive sweating issues, please talk to your doctor.

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