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Peptides are short chains of amino acids, usually containing 2-50 amino acids. Essentially, they are tiny proteins. There are different types of peptides, including:

Peptides play many important roles in the human body. For example, some peptides act as hormones that help coordinate vital bodily functions. The peptide insulin helps regulate blood glucose levels, while oxytocin promotes bonding, childbirth, and lactation. Other peptides help transport minerals, provide structural support, or have antimicrobial effects. The pain-relieving endorphins released when we exercise are also peptides. Simply put, these little amino acid chains impact tons of physiological processes. Now, when it comes to peptide supplements, there are a few different forms and uses: So in a nutshell, peptides are versatile little compounds with roles throughout the body. Both nutritional and bioactive peptide supplements are growing in popularity due to purported wellness benefits. In fact, Vitality Hormone Clinic offers tailored peptide therapies to help patients achieve health goals like building muscle, improving skin quality, boosting immunity, enhancing cognition, or elevating mood and motivation. Their expert clinicians personalize treatment plans with a range of cutting-edge peptide compounds aimed at biological optimization. I’d check ‘em out if you’re curious about peptides!

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