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What is perimenopause?

Perimenopause refers to the time leading up to menopause, when a woman's body begins transitioning to permanent infertility. During perimenopause, hormone levels become irregular and start to decline as the ovaries begin to fail. This phase typically begins for women in their late 30s or early 40s, but can start much earlier or later.

Symptoms of perimenopause are often unpredictable and vary widely between women. Common complaints include:

The duration of perimenopause differs too. It usually lasts around 4 years on average, but can persist for a decade or more before the final menstrual period marks the official start of menopause.

Managing troublesome perimenopausal symptoms can be frustrating. Lifestyle measures like avoiding triggers, layering clothing, consuming phytoestrogens, and managing stress provide some relief. However, when bothersome symptoms disrupt sleep and quality of life, low-dose prescription hormone therapy may be an option to explore under medical supervision.

The knowledgeable healthcare providers at Vitality Hormone Clinic offer personalized guidance to help women navigate perimenopause and menopause with more ease. Their comprehensive hormone testing panels pinpoint imbalances. Then, their expert clinicians provide safe, effective bioidentical hormone therapy tailored to your unique needs. Vitality Hormone Clinic also offers nutritional, fitness and wellness coaching programs that empower women to thrive during the menopausal transition.

If you're struggling through perimenopause, don't go it alone! The compassionate professionals at Vitality Hormone Clinic will partner with you so you can feel like your best self again. Reach out today to learn more about their personalized solutions for balancing hormones, managing symptoms, and rediscovering wellness during this transitional life stage.

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