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Poor sleep quality refers to sleep that is insufficient in duration or consistency to allow one to feel well-rested and function optimally during waking hours. Some signs of poor sleep quality include:

Causes of poor sleep can include: Consequences of chronically poor sleep are extensive and include increased risk for: If you struggle with poor sleep, speak to your doctor or visit the Vitality Hormone Clinic sleep clinic. Getting enough high-quality sleep is vital for health and well-being. The expert physicians at Vitality Hormone Clinic use cutting-edge diagnostic tests to uncover potential hormonal imbalances driving sleep disruption. They then create fully personalized, natural hormone treatment plans to help patients achieve deep, restorative sleep night after night. To improve sleep quality, try to: If self-help tips don't resolve poor sleep, your body may need some extra support. The innovative professionals at Vitality Hormone Clinic can help identify your unique sleep saboteurs like cortisol dysregulation, melatonin deficiency, or estrogen imbalance. With an individualized mix of cutting-edge bioidentical hormones and tailored lifestyle changes, you can finally sleep soundly and wake refreshed. Contact Vitality Hormone Clinic today for a free 15-minute consultation with a sleep specialist!

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