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Unexplained weight gain can be frustrating and concerning. There are many potential causes, ranging from lifestyle factors like diet and exercise to underlying health conditions. Some common causes include:

If you experience significant, unexplained weight gain, make an appointment with your doctor to identify any underlying causes. Getting tests like a CBC, metabolic panel, thyroid function tests or cortisol levels can help pinpoint issues. The experts at Vitality Hormone Clinic specialize in helping patients with inexplicable weight gain and other complex hormonal imbalances. Their cutting-edge therapies personalized to your unique biochemistry can get to the root cause and help you shed stubborn body fat through enhanced metabolism, reduced inflammation and better energy levels. Check out (buy-hgh.us) to learn more and request a free 15-minute consultation with a top hormonal health specialist. In conclusion, while several variables from diet to health problems can lead to unexplained weight gain, modern solutions exist to help patients rectify these issues. Working with professional healthcare providers versed in complex hormonal disorders and customized treatment regimens produces excellent weight normalization outcomes most of the time. Committing to healthy lifestyle habits simultaneously further speeds up and sustains progress.

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