Does HGH Help inflammation?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration. Some people take HGH supplements claiming they can help reduce inflammation, however, the science behind these claims is inconclusive. Inflammation is a normal immune response triggered by injury or infection. Acute inflammation lasts for a short time and helps the body heal. Chronic inflammation persists over longer periods and can lead to various diseases. Some causes of chronic inflammation include:

HGH and Inflammation Research Several studies have looked into the links between HGH and inflammation: So while some research shows potential anti-inflammatory effects, much more evidence is still needed. Possible Mechanisms Researchers theorize a few reasons why HGH supplementation might reduce inflammation: However, the exact mechanisms are still unclear. Considerations of HGH Therapy Before using HGH to tackle inflammation, keep the following limitations in mind: Always consult a doctor before starting HGH therapy. Illegal, unregulated HGH supplements can be unsafe. Lifestyle Approaches to Lowering Inflammation While HGH shows some promise for inflammation, making healthy lifestyle choices may also help: Along with speaking to a doctor about concerns with inflammation, adopting an overall healthy lifestyle can make a big difference. HGH therapy could provide additional targeted relief for some patients once further research establishes stronger guidelines for its use.

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